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Bulk Handling

We’re specialists in the bulk procurement, shipping, documentation and value-added supply of vegetable oils, tallow, biofuel components and a variety of dry and liquid commodities.

About us

We have more than 100 years of experience in sourcing and sending large volumes of the world’s commodities across the globe. We’re the largest importer of vegetable oils in Australia and New Zealand and we’re the largest exporter of tallow and Used Cooking Oil (UCO). We also handle several million tonnes of dry bulk products every year. Our customers come from the food, personal care, animal feed and industrial sectors and trust us to manage all road, rail and shipping logistics. Our expertise in importing, exporting, quarantine, quality and safe food handling practices is hard to beat.

Commodities we handle

We specialise in bulk handling dry and liquid commodities, such as those listed below. We’re also interested in new commodities that could benefit from our considerable storage, handling and logistics expertise, so please contact the team to see how we can help your business.



Frozen Food





Our capabilities

Our team has more than 100 years of experience in managing commodities, sourcing from or sending to anywhere around the world. Our core capabilities include:

Bulk Storage

The largest bulk storage network across the east coast of Australia, with more than 20 million tonnes of storage capacity across our network, including the potential for custom sites.

Rail Network

We regularly use the rail networks across the east coast of Australia for bulk transit and can provide expertise in smoothly managing this process.

Temperature Control

We specialise in goods that must be transported in controlled environments at specific temperature ranges, ensuring they retain their quality and are safe for consumption.

Road Freight

Our team have considerable experience in running an efficient supply chain, working closely with trucking companies and partners to safely maximise productivity.


We’re involved anywhere from source to destination, ensuring all logistics, handling and storage functions run smoothly and never compromise the quality or safety of the goods under our care.


We help manage all logistics involved, across road and rail with full freight connectivity.


We are the largest grain storage and handling business in eastern Australia, with more than 20 million tonnes of storage capacity across dry and liquid storage on the east coast.


We have seven bulk ports in Australia as well as liquid storage terminals in Australia, New Zealand and China.

Import / Export

We’re the largest importer of vegetable oils and the largest exporter of tallow and used cooking oil. We know how to source from – or send to – anywhere around the world.

Commodity Expertise

We ship bulk dry and bulk liquid products, with expertise across a range of commodities.

Grain Bulk Handling

Are you looking for information on the bulk handling of grain, pulses or oilseeds?

Contact us to see how we can help you grow your business.

The GrainCorp Way

While our GrainCorp team is wonderfully diverse, we each believe in our values to:  

  • Lead the Way  through inclusivity, integrity and innovation 
  • Own the Result and be accountable for our actions 
  • Deliver for Our Customers by listening and coming through for them 
  • Commit to Safety by taking responsibility for our employees, contractors, visitors and communities.